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Are You Facing Your 4th DUI Arrest
In Pennsylvania?

Know What To Expect From
A Possible Conviction

Facing a DUI arrest in Pennsylvania can be a very frightening experience for anyone, but it is particularly problematic for someone with three prior convictions. While a first time offender may only face a relatively small fine and no license suspension, a DUI 4th offense in PA is far more serious.

You may have understood the value of a good DUI defense attorney during your prior arrests, but for a fourth offense, an experienced DUI attorney is even more important. You need an attorney who not only understands your case, but has the experience and knowledge to navigate the Pennsylvania DUI laws to ensure the best possible outcome.

As anyone who is facing a fourth DUI conviction in PA knows, there are three different categories in which your offense may be categorized.

If you are convicted of a General Impairment, which means you had a B.A.C. between .08 and .099 percent, you will face the following potential consequences:

A fourth offense conviction at the General Impairment level will also result in a second degree misdemeanor. If you are convicted of a High Rate DUI, on the other hand, you could face the following consequences:

A High Rate DUI conviction will also result in a first degree misdemeanor on your record. If you are convicted of a Highest Rate DUI, which means you were convicted of having a B.A.C. of .16 percent or higher or you refused to submit to a B.A.C. test, you could face all of the following potential consequences:

Clearly, being convicted of a DUI 4th offense in PA could have some very serious consequences. Not only could you be facing some hefty fines, but you could also lose your freedom. Additionally, a fourth offense can also have an impact on your future as well. This all means that it is very important to hire an experienced lawyer who will handle your case with the precision and skill it demands.

If you are facing a DUI arrest in Pennsylvania and need to explore your options, contact The DUI Defense Group to discuss your case. Our experienced lawyers will help you understand your options for the best possible defense. Contact our Erie office at 814-455-3839, our Edinboro office at 814-734-6076, or our Warren office at 814-723-6120 for a free initial consultation. Our lawyers will do everything possible to reduce your charges or to prevent a conviction altogether.

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