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What Happens When You’re Guilty Of DUI In PA? You Can Appeal, Or You Can Plea Bargain!

If you’re found guilty of driving under the influence in Pennsylvania, it’s most likely for two reasons. Either something went wrong with your case and you were wrongly represented, or the case against you was so strong that being found guilty was, or will soon be, inevitable. In either case, you’ve been found guilty and now you’re wondering what happens when you’re found guilty of DUI in PA? For every circumstance, there’s a different answer. But your two best options are likely going to be to either appeal the conviction, or take a plea bargain. The two are very distinct and as such, work quite differently from each other.

If you’ve been found guilty of DUI and you feel as though there was some part of your case that was damaging and not represented correctly, you might be eligible for an appeal. A good DUI defense attorney will be able to advise you on whether or not appealing would be suitable for your case. But if you feel as though you were any way wronged or misrepresented at trial, appealing the guilty verdict is probably an option for you.

Then, with your lawyer, sit down and gather all of the documents and other items that pertain to the parts of your case that you want to appeal. Keep in mind that while you will be allowed to present your argument and documents to back that argument up, you are not allowed to bring any new evidence into the case at this time.

If however, you don’t think that you will be able to avoid the guilty conviction, and the district attorney’s argument and case against you is very strong, you might want to consider a plea bargain. Plea bargaining in Pennsylvania doesn’t necessarily mean pleading guilty to DUI in PA. In fact, it can be quite different than that. When you plea bargain to a DUI in Pennsylvania, it could mean pleading guilty to something such as reckless driving. While this will still go on your record and still holds harsh penalties, they are not nearly as harsh as a DUI conviction would be. And some plea bargains can be pleaded down to something as minor as a traffic infraction, which wouldn’t even appear on your permanent record.

If you’ve been found guilty of DUI in PA, you’re undoubtedly wondering what’s going to happen next. Truthfully, you probably have more options than you think. It’s important to speak with someone and to explore all of your actions, so that you can get the least severe punishment possible, and more importantly, so you can try and possibly keep the DUI charge off your record.

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