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Convicted Of A PA DUI?

Understand PA DUI House Arrest & Electronic Monitoring As A Condition Of Probation

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If you have been convicted of a DUI in Pennsylvania, you are probably facing a mandatory jail sentence. Obviously, this is a terrifying prospect. Fortunately, under some circumstances, some individuals may be able to take advantage of certain sentencing alternatives as opposed to accepting jail time. These alternatives can save you from time behind bars and the life-changing consequences that imprisonment can bring.

Although availability differs from county to county, some individuals convicted of DUI in PA may be eligible for house arrest; other PA DUI convictions may be eligible for an electronic monitor sentencing.

House arrest means just that – you are confined to your home for the duration of your sentence. For most people, this option is much more appealing than jail.

Typically, house arrest includes time or frequencies allowed outside of your home, allowed distance outside of your home, and other defining parameters.

An electronic monitor is used to determine whether a person is complying with the terms of their PA DUI house arrest. The monitor is a small box or device affixed by a strap to one’s ankle.

Essentially, an electronic monitor is an electronic sensor, which emits a continuous signal and is linked by telephone lines to a central computer system. Monitoring of this signal is continuous.

With some monitoring devices, a GPS (Global Positioning System) device is used to track the exact location of the wearer.

If the signal is interrupted due to breakage of the sensor, removal from the ankle, or due to an authorized exit from the home - or travel is attempted beyond the allowed radius of the home - the date and time of the interruption/infraction will be recorded, as well as the date and time that the signal returns, or returns to normal.

Typically, immediately upon signal interruption, a police officer or probation officer is sent to check on the status of the offender and the monitoring device. If a violation is noted, you may be subject to immediate arrest and/or probation revocation.

An experienced DUI attorney can further explain what your PA DUI may mean with respect to house arrest and electronic monitoring, and evaluate your eligibility for either. If you have been convicted of a DUI in PA, an electronic monitor or house arrest may be a more palatable sentence over jail time. Seek the legal defense of a skilled DUI attorney to help ensure your freedom, and the least possible sentence.

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