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Jail Time? House Arrest? What Happens After Being Arrested For DUI In PA?

When someone is charged with driving under the influence, the first thing they usually want to know what will happen after being arrested for DUI in PA. And if this you, you’re probably not only thinking about what will happen in the next coming days and months, but what will happen right at the scene where you were stopped. After all, being charged with DUI in PA is not really being arrested, yet the police officers can’t really let you drive away either. And of course, once you’ve sorted out what’s happened at the scene, your next thought is probably going to be whether you’re going to face jail time.

What happens right at the scene after being arrested for DUI in PA really depends on the officer that stopped you. If you have blown over the legal limit or failed other field sobriety tests (which you should never agree to anyway), then the officer will probably not let you leave the scene on your own and in any case, they will most likely not let you drive away. However, whether the officer takes you back to the station until you sober up in a cell, or allows you to call someone to come and get you, is really up to them. Even if the officer takes you back to the station, it’s important to understand that they are not necessarily arresting you, just taking you off the streets. You will be allowed to leave as soon as you are sober.

After that, you will most likely start to think about whether you’ll be facing jail time for your DUI charge. This will depend on many different things including how many previous offences you’ve had, your legal representation, and other factors. However, house arrest for DUI in PA is another option that’s available, and one that might be a good one for you!

In order to determine if you’ll be able to serve house arrest for DUI in PA, your eligibility will need to be determined, and this too will be based on a number of factors. Firstly, you’ll need to take part in an interview process with the prison system in your county, city, or town. If you are approved, this recommendation will go to the sentencing judge in your case, who will review whether or not they think that you would make a good candidate for house arrest for DUI in PA. The judge will also consult with the district attorney to see if they have any objections to you being placed under house arrest.

Getting any kind of jail time reduced to house arrest for DUI in PA has many benefits because you are allowed to stay in the comfort of your own home. However, there are other things to remember too, such as the fact that house arrest for DUI in PA currently costs $10 a day, and you will be allowed no outside contact while serving your time. While it can be a great option for those who would be facing hard jail time, there are strict requirements that need to be met. A good DUI defense attorney who is familiar with house arrest PA law can help you determine whether you’d make a good candidate, and help you achieve this lighter sentence!

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