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What Decides The Pennsylvania DUI Penalties That You Will Face?

First of all, the Pennsylvania's DUI law (statute) itself dictates what DUI penalties a person charged with DUI faces.

Whether this case is a first DUI offense or a multiple offense.

For primary sentencing purposes the courts will look at how many other DUI convictions you have had in the ten years preceding your current Pennsylvania DUI offense.

In reality, however, DUI offenses that are even older than ten years can still be considered and will be considered by hard line judges.

What was your blood alcohol reading (BAC)? Or did you refuse to take the test.

Were there any “aggravating” factors, such as very high BAC, accident, fight with the Police, etc.

Or other prior non-DUI criminal record and the impact of the Pennsylvania Sentencing Guidelines.

I negotiate vigorously with prosecutors and district attorneys to obtain the best result possible for clients. Often times, I can persuade the prosecutor or district attorney in your DUI case to recommend a non-jail, probationary sentence in a case.

Many lawyers do not know that there are ways to avoid appearing in front of the assigned judge and actually pick a different particular judge. I do this all the time! Some judges punish DUI defendants far harsher than others. I know which judges to take my clients in front of-and which not to!

If you call my office at 814-455-3839 (Erie, PA), 814-734-6076 (Edinboro, PA) or 814-723-6120 (Warren, PA) and make a free, no-obligation appointment with me, you'll discover how I can help you with your DUI charge.

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